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2005-2021 Toyota Tacoma Step Edition Rock Sliders

Before you hit the rough terrain, protect your vehicle with a set of Cali Raised LED rock sliders - built to last through the toughest conditions. Guarding the underside of your outfitted off-road vehicle as you adventure in the great outdoors, these rock sliders are custom-made to fit your 2005-2021 Toyota Tacoma so you can focus on the trail ahead.

Crafted from American 1.75" DOM tubing, we don't up-charge you for better material or for features like kick-outs. The slider wall thickness is .120" thick. Choose between Bolt-On or Weld-On. Bolt-On sliders come with all the required Grade 8 hardware you need for the installation and are installed with zero modification to your truck.

Choose between kick-out or no-kick-out, from RAW, Powder Coat, and Bedliner finishes. You can even mix and match the slider and filler plate finishes! More options than any other supplier on the market! Crafted from American 1.75" DOM tubing, we don't up-charge you for better material or for features like kick-outs. Weld-On sliders have an added location feature, no more jack stands, and woodblocks trying to figure out where they go, bolt them in place and weld them on.


  • 100% bolt-on option, no modification required.
  • The finish of choice, mix and match, no rules.
  • Easy installation, read our installation instructions (DCLB, DCSB, or AC) or watch the installation video below for a step-by-step guide.
  • Crafted by American Welders, professional finishes to protect from any corrosion, with the chosen finish.

Cancellation of a slider order will incur a 15% cancellation fee after the order is placed.

See important information about shipping options.

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Customize Your Slider


Have questions about this product? Email us at dealers@carliraisedled.com.

Rock Sliders
What's Step Edition?
Kick-out vs No Kick-out
Bedliner vs Powder Coat vs RAW
Shipping *MUST READ*
Warranty & Cancellation

Our step edition sliders tuck up close at 0 Degrees, to protect your vehicle from damage during your adventuring, all while maintaining the functionality of a side step.
Functions as a step.
Minimalist design with all protections necessary to off-road any double black diamond.
Pick your finish for your filler plate, choose from Bedliner, powder coat, or raw.
The bolt-on option allows you to install with the dimples up or down.
Allows you to have the filler plate coated differently than the body of the slider. For example, Bedliner finishes on a powder-coated slider.
The filler plate is made of 0.09” 5052 aluminum, which ensures lightweight which makes it plenty durable for everyday use.
With each piece coated separately, when assembled, this ensures that rust will not form on any surface of the slider.

Kick-out protects the backside of your vehicle from getting pinned by pushing the back tire away from an obstacle. The entire slider at any point can act as a pivot point. Our sliders are rated to support the entire
weight of the vehicle. This option also adds more of a step to access the rear of the vehicle.

No Kick-Out
No kick-out is great for tighter trails where you don’t plan on using your vehicle as a pivot. This is also great general protection to the rocker panel of your vehicle. Our sliders are rated to support the entire weight of the vehicle.

Bedliner finish has a grip-like texture to aid in creating a non-slip surface. This has a rugged and textured look and feel.

Powder Coat
A powder-coated surface will be more resistant against scratches, chipping, wear, and fading compared to other types of finishes.

The best option for custom paint jobs and or if you have your own ideas for finishing them up!

We Offer 3 Methods For Shipping:

  • Residential Delivery With Lift Gate Service: Freight Company will deliver the Sliders to your house on a pallet and provide assistance (if needed) with unloading. Freight shipping transit time takes roughly 5-10 days depending on your location. Once the order is placed we will contact the freight company to set up the shipping services. Once your slider is shipped and has reached your local terminal, the freight company will reach out to you to schedule a delivery time.

  • Delivery To A Business/Commercial Location:
    A forklift or loading dock is REQUIRED for delivery, if you do not ensure this you will be charged additional fees. Freight Company will deliver the sliders to a business location on a pallet. Freight shipping takes roughly 7-14 days depending on your location. Once the order is placed we will contact the freight company to set up the shipping services. Once shipped you will be provided with a master number to track your shipment.

-Will Call Pickup From Cali Raised:
When The order is placed it will be prepped for pickup. One of our representatives will contact you when the sliders are available for pickup. We also offer installation services at an additional fee that can be scheduled before pickup.

    If looking to place an order from outside the lower 48 please contact us and we can put together a special quote for you and get you set up.

If you are outside of the United States, contact us for a quote.

Warranty: Cali Raised LED provides a 2-year warranty on all our products. Limited warranty on third party products, contact us directly for details.

Warranty for sliders is for manufacturing defects only - does not cover trail and riding damage by use.

Cancellation: Cancellation of a slider order will incur a 15% cancellation fee after the order is placed.

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