For use with Cali Raised LED Premimum Roof Rack

Premium Roof Rack Lighting Kit for Tacoma, 4Runner

Ready to upgrade that roof rack with the lights? Build your own lighting combination with the options below.

Choose from Amber, White, or Dual Function Light bars, don't forget to choose your switch. Then, upgrade to the side lighting kit! Our Tacoma and Tundra side lighting kits include 4 side light pods and 2 rear light pods. Our 4Runner side lighting kit includes 4 side light pods and an interior light kit.

Kit Includes

  • Mounts
  • Light Bar
  • Light Pods

For lighting the complete lighting package, do not offer a harness at this time, but a custom harness is in the works!
We only offer the wiring harness for the FRONT Light Bar. For the Side Lighting options, please see below.

The best place to start on getting your roof rack wired up would be to contact a shop in your local area, look for a shop that does 12V wiring. Look for an automotive accessories shop or a 4Wheel Parts store or equivalent that also does installations. We can't recommend a particular shop as everyone's quality of work differs. We highly recommend asking the shop for examples of their work before hiring them to wire your rack. A poor wiring job can result in a fire, so make sure you research them properly!

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Starting At

[{"title":"Front Light Bar","conditional":false,"visible_if":"","visible_then":"","optional":false,"discount":"None","discount_amount":null,"options_list":[{"option_name":"42 in White Dual Row SPOT Beam","option_sku":[{"content":{"price":"360","sku":"26177803664"},"children":[]}],"option_price":null,"option_image":null,"option_description":""},{"option_name":"42 in White Dual Row COMBO Beam","option_sku":[{"content":{"price":"360","sku":"26198063056"},"children":[]}],"option_price":null,"option_image":null,"option_description":""},{"option_name":"43 in Dual Function","option_sku":[{"content":{"price":"375","sku":"13525189296170"},"children":[]}],"option_price":null,"option_image":null,"option_description":""},{"option_name":"No Light Bar","option_sku":[],"option_price":0,"option_image":null,"option_description":""}]},{"title":"Wiring and Switch For 43 In Dual Function","conditional":true,"visible_if":"front-light-bar","visible_then":"43 in Dual Function","optional":false,"discount":"None","discount_amount":null,"options_list":[{"option_name":"SMALL Amber or White SWITCH","option_sku":[{"content":{"price":"80","sku":"39470308720682"},"children":[]}],"option_price":null,"option_image":null,"option_description":""},{"option_name":"TALL Amber or White SWITCH","option_sku":[{"content":{"price":"80","sku":"39470308720683"},"children":[]}],"option_price":null,"option_image":null,"option_description":""}]},{"title":"Switch for front light bar (Choose No Switch for 43 in Dual Function)","conditional":false,"visible_if":"","visible_then":"","optional":false,"discount":"None","discount_amount":null,"options_list":[{"option_name":"LED LIGHT BAR - BLUE - TALL","option_sku":[{"content":{"price":"16.99","sku":"32216317788202"},"children":[]}],"option_price":null,"option_image":null,"option_description":""},{"option_name":"LED LIGHT BAR - BLUE BACKLIGHT SHORT","option_sku":[{"content":{"price":"16.99","sku":"13247611109418"},"children":[]}],"option_price":null,"option_image":null,"option_description":""},{"option_name":"LED LIGHT BAR - AMBER - TALL","option_sku":[{"content":{"price":"16.99","sku":"32216317820970"},"children":[]}],"option_price":null,"option_image":null,"option_description":""},{"option_name":"No Switch","option_sku":[],"option_price":0,"option_image":null,"option_description":""}]},{"title":"Side Light Kit","conditional":false,"visible_if":"","visible_then":"","optional":false,"discount":"None","discount_amount":null,"options_list":[{"option_name":"Tacoma Premium Light Kit","option_sku":[{"content":{"price":"359.99","sku":"40046457258026"},"children":[]}],"option_price":null,"option_image":null,"option_description":""},{"option_name":"4Runner Premium Light Kit","option_sku":[{"content":{"price":"359.99","sku":"40046457258026"},"children":[]}],"option_price":null,"option_image":null,"option_description":""},{"option_name":"No Side Light Kit","option_sku":[],"option_price":0,"option_image":null,"option_description":""}]}]

Customize Your Lighting Kit


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Dual Function Wiring Harness
What Switch Do I need?
Wiring OEM Switch

Our Dual Function Light Bar now has a custom wiring harness.

Time to get everything connected with our one and only Dual Function custom wiring harness. No more tricky wiring jobs for the Cali Raised LED Dual Function Light bar!

With fireproof cable conduit, a high-quality backlit rocker switch, and waterproof Deutsch connectors, it is designed to last for many years even in rough conditions

Option for Tall or Short Switch
10 Perma-Seal Butt Connectors

Made for the Dual Function Light Bar.
Easy Color Matching Wiring
Connects easily with Amber and White Switch

Length: When installing on a vehicle, for use with front end installations. Length - Approximate 6’.

Made From Premium-Grade Materials.
Works With Almost Any Kind of LED Pod Light.
Comes With a Switch, Relay, and Fuse.
Simple and Straightforward Installation.
Supported by a 2-Year Warranty.

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